How to Automate Your Massage Business

There is only one of you and hopefully lots of them. If you are a massage hypnotherapist with your own personal practice, you are in need of new ways to reduces costs of your business admin processes. Your time is best spent in session, working-out knots and alleviating tension, not sitting behind a desk observing a computer screen. Unfortunately, you cannot simply ignore phone work, appointment setting, marketing, and client follow-up. These are necessary tasks for your company’s success. However, for most small massage practices freelancing work or hiring an admin is cost beyond reach. The solution? Leverage the ability of technology to automate your massage business 출장마사지 whenever you can by doing the following:

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Create and look after a well-designed and Informative Website -In today’s market, having a website is not an option. It is a necessity. Clients assume a “successful” business will have a web presence and of course you do not want to disappoint them. Your website should provide an accurate summary of your services. Whether or not you will include a price list is a matter of preference. Most gyms and hypnotherapist do. Keep in mind, many clients will make a decision to schedule an appointment with you based on the types of services you offer and at what price. Include your available appointment times and instructions on what to schedule a session. An COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS section with common questions (i. e What to bring to a session? Are credit cards accepted? What to expect during the first session? etc. ) will assist you to address clients’ concerns easily and effectively
Online Appointment Schedulers — Booking the initial appointment with a new client can take well over 30 to forty-five minutes. New customers often have questions. Of course you want to take the time to answer their questions and make your clients feel safe. Whether it’s through your websites Faq’s or whether it’s specific to a sickness, when they come in addressing client concerns is essential. The connections you want to avoid are clients sharing with you the details of their busy schedules and the real reason for why they want to come Sunday at 2: 00pm instead of Sunday at 11: 00am. With an online appointment scheduler clients can look at your availability and schedule their appointment accordingly. If they need to reschedule which can be done easily online without the shame and stress of them calling in speaking with you. Not only do online appointment schedulers help you to automate your massage business but it encourages your clients, as well.
Virtual Phones — No one wants to sit in an office and wait for a phone to ring. Chances are if you are in your office you’re in session and if you are not in session you are out marketing, running tasks, or taking care of personal business. With standard business phones your best option is to forward your number to your cell phone. If you are running your business off your cell phone, you’re forced to have two cell phones, one for business and one for personal use, or you run the risk of mixing business calls with personal calls — not a good thing. The better solution is with a virtual phone. For only $4. 88 a month you can use the virtual phone service of phone. com and project a professional image to your clients. Your calls can follow you anywhere. You have the option of an auto clerk, unlimited voicemail message boxes, call screening, call exchanges, after-hours greetings, etc.
Email marketing (Using AutoResponders) — Following up with clients following a first session could not be easier if you use an autoresponder. Autoresponders allow you to pre-type messages for clients, save them within your account, and then schedule a time to send them. The software does the rest. So for example, you could set up a campaign that automatically sends out a welcome email to everyone new customers, then sends a what to expect e-mail two days before the scheduled appointment, and a follow-up email the day following a session. Are you managing a special or want to wish clients a happy holiday? You can send a contact fun time (using a pre-designed video template) to your entire client list. You can stay in touch and follow-up with clients when done the right way.
Texting Sevices — Lastly, effectively keeping in touch with an ever mobile client base is essential to automating your massage business. Clients need to stay informed and connected. What better way than their cell phones? (Most people will not set out without them) With e-mails, websites, virtual phones and online schedulers you are relying on the client to take action in order to receive your communication. The doctor has to check their email, look at internet or call a number. With texting you are able to bring the communication right to them. No extra steps necessary. Do you need to remind litigant of an appointment? Text them. Want to tell them of your affiliate program? Text them. Need to advertise your Valentine’s day special? You still have it… text them. With free texting services like textmarks. com, you can get the word out to hundreds of clients at once and focus your efforts more on providing the best massage experience possible, not chasing down clients.

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