Who is Best – Your Regular Security Guard Or the New Security Products?

Now, after the Mumbai terrorist attacks, everyone is concern about his or her security. The number of so-called innovative protection products in the market has tripled and the sales are zooming like never before close protection security. The share prices of the manufacturers of these protection products have also been on the rise. The common man who is more concerned about his/her immediate family is the gullible buyer of these products. But, has anybody thought so far, up to what extent these new innovative security products will give you protection compared to the services of your old security-guard? Read further to know …

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India is a vast country and providing protection to every citizen is a huge task. Knowing this, it is natural that the common man will attempt to provide defense for him/herself and to his/her immediate family at his/her own cost. Because the common man is not rich, s/he cannot afford Z-plus defense like our filmstars, pop stars, etc. Our politicians are provided Z-plus protection at the expense of taxpayer’s money by the government machinery.

Ultimately, the common man, who feeds the filmstars to popstars by buying tickets for their shows and pays taxes promptly, is left alone to protect him/herself. Being not rich to afford Z-plus safety and at the same time cannot see his/her family falling in the treacherous hands of anti-national elements, s/he is forced to do something like buying either the new innovative defense products or hiring a security-guard.

Being prudent enough, the common man always weighs options before taking any important decision such as providing protection to him/her entire family. To help the common man to take a viable decision in his/her defense matters, this article ponders all the available options and explains the pros and cons of each.

As per this article, though a security-guard can provide vigil at the entrance of the establishment, the defense products are best compared to the regular security-guard, which have the potential and capability to provide 24 x 7 vigilance. But, there are a few disadvantages. If anyone forces him/herself in to the establishment, then except for alerting, the security-products cannot resist him/her. In this particular context, the regular security-guard will do a better job.


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