Collectible Barbie Dolls from Mattel

Did you realize that Barbie dolls are not just the favourite toy of little girls? Mattel estimates that there are over 100,000 adult collectors of Barbie dolls. Ninety percent of these collectors are women who are, on average around the age 40, and purchase at least 20 Barbie dolls a year ラブドール . Almost half of Barbie collectors each spend over $1000 a year.

Mattel in recent years has been catering to this niche market. They have produced a range of collectible Barbie dolls with the aim of encouraging collectors to increase their collections in line with their individual tastes and interests. Barbie dolls of popular TV shows and movies, celebrities and popular singers, for example, have been produced with collectors in mind.

In 2004 Mattel introduced a colour tier system to help categorize collectible Barbie dolls and help collectors to find them. The colours signify the amount of dolls produced worldwide and indicate the rarity factor of the different dolls. The colour also indicates which kind of retail store stocks the particular type of collectible doll.

The first tier is the Pink Label collectible dolls. There is no limit on the quantity of dolls produced with the Pink Label. Pink Label Barbies include ‘The Dolls of the World’ series, ‘Festivals of the World’, ‘Model Barbie’, as well as some of the ‘Pop Culture’ dolls. Most dolls in the Pink Label are Barbie dolls , but there are also a few of Kelly doll as well. The Pink Label packaging is distinctive; the is box trimmed in pink, and has a clear front.

The next tier is the Silver Label dolls. The packaging is similar to the Pink Label, but with the box trimmed with silver. The criteria for the Silver Label tier is that no more than 50,000 of any Silver Label doll will be produced world wide. Included in the Silver Label are the ‘Wedding’ series, the ‘Birthday Barbies’, ‘Ballet Barbies’ and ‘I Dream of a Season’ dolls. Some types of Kelly doll and Tommy doll also can be found under the Silver Label.

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