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“How often should I receive massage?” This is one question I hear regularly at the studio that leaves me feeling out of breath and out of time when I answer it 오피톡 . Now I could just answer “whenever you want it” or “whenever you feel you need it”, but that doesn’t completely answer the question. If I say once a week, or twice a week, or even once a month, that still doesn’t mean much because you don’t understand why. I think everyone who has had a massage before understands that it is capable of relaxing the mind and body and reducing pain caused by tense muscles stress.

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The term palliative massage can actually have two very different meanings. On one hand it is interchangeable with “pampering” massage while on the other it refers to massage treatments for those in hospice or suffering with a chronic debilitating disease. Although these are two very different circumstances, the approach to setting goals for the massage are much the same.

The verb “to palliate” means to reduce suffering. In the case of a pampering massage the goal might be to temporarily relieve stress and tension associated with a particular situation or event in one’s life, such as getting married or having a birthday. A person may visit a massage therapist to be pampered once a year because they are on vacation or have received the massage as a gift. In the case of persons in hospice and those experiencing a chronic debilitating disease, palliative massage care provides the same temporary relief from the stresses and tensions that accompany these experiences. Massage does not provide a cure for the condition and is not able to slow the condition down. Care is provided to reduce suffering and make the person as comfortable as possible.

It is difficult to produce any temporary or permanent changes in a person’s condition through the application of a single massage session such as with those seeking massage as a yearly luxury. It is equally as impossible to reverse the progression of chronic debilitating diseases. Therefore the goal for this type of massage session is to create an overall sense of wholeness and wellbeing and reduce the intensity of associated pains and stresses.

Condition management is the most common approach to massage therapy; the primary condition being managed is stress. Let’s say, for example, that you work a full time job, have a family and have recently started taking classes at the local community college. Although finding time for a weekly massage might be difficult, you still manage to visit your massage therapist every few months to help you stay relaxed and focused.

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