Top Five Project Management Pitfalls

Project Management is one significant underestimated area that often goes unnoticed across many industries. Many companies introduce it as a process for compliance purposes only. It is also primarily introduced to make the “company” look good and attractive to investors – nothing more and nothing less PMP certification . Few companies, however, adopt standard methodologies as they take on contracts.

Beware the “halo effect” – a famous statement made when discussing human resource management. It simply implies that sponsors sometimes assume that any good technical manager is capable of leading a team to deliver contracts. They assume their technical ability is enough for them to deliver.

Project managers plan their deliveries – that’s really the crux of project management. Unless they plan well, their deliveries are definitely destined to potential failure. They plan for costs, quality, human resources, procurements, and risks. Project managers then share these plans with all project stakeholders

When the project manager tries to follow and execute the plan, however, they don’t really get any support from the team neither from any of the key stakeholders. Planning really becomes more of an exercise for the responsible manager to become “very” familiar with the project scope.

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