3 Trusted Online Casino Gambling Tables Played with the Live Dealer System

In fact, bettors certainly know what categories of trusted situs qq online gambling exist around the world, especially in casinos. Casino games of chance are divided into several groups depending on the game media used for betting. When it comes to real money online casino bookmaker games played with a live dealer system there aren’t too many and only focus on table games. 

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Table games are real money online casino games of chance, which means that they are actually played on a table or layout with multiple bets. The game media is different too, with some using cards, numbers, dice, and even machines. Of course, you might be curious about the variety of table games that are played in the form of a live dealer and here are some recommendations that you can play and all of them have virtual versions, namely:


This is a casino game of chance that you must of course play in the form of a live dealer as this is a game that will be very challenging for you considering the bettor here is playing directly with the human dealer. You will face the dealer and if, when playing in the usual online virtual version, you usually play against the dealer in the form of photos or avatars, you can now clearly see the beautiful dealer who will be your opponent at the table and that means that You have to try to beat him by having a higher combination of cards than the dealer so that he will bust and it would be better if the value was 21.


Another table game that you enjoy playing live and is definitely interesting is definitely the game of baccarat. This is also included in the card game, which is played much easier than before. Even with cards, bettors only need to guess which party has the highest or highest total card face value, close to or even 9 below the banker or player. There is another bet with a higher winning value, which is a tie, when the total value of the player’s and banker’s cards is the same. But often this tie bet is missed because it is very difficult to win and the bettor does not necessarily have a great chance of winning. 


Not only can you play card games that are played on the table in the form of a live dealer, because roulette itself is a table game, even though it is played with a spinning wheel. However, at least the table in front of you is a betting table that you must play at. You place a bet on a selection of numbers or other betting exchanges and then the dealer spins the real roulette wheel while throwing a small ball that determines the winner of the game.

Here are some trusted online live casino gambling games, table games that you can play with a live dealer system and you can enjoy the feeling of playing more real.

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