Gym Equipment – The Best Way to Stay Healthy and Slim

List of Gym Equipment& Tips on using them at home. Squat rack is an essential & popular gym equipment used by many people for home workouts. It is designed specifically for squat & dead lifts. Although it is designed for bench pressing and not for squat only, but still it occupies comparatively less space and is very affordable. However, it can be used for different other exercises also.

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Dumbbell Rack is another essential piece of gym equipment that offers a variety of exercises like shoulder presses, triceps extensions, overhead press, bench press and more. It keeps your equipment arranged in a neat manner kinh boi nam. You can carry dumbbells even when you are walking. Dumbbell rack is another inexpensive fitness equipment that can also be used for leg exercises. This is the best choice to add variety to your exercise.

Fitness Mat is another vital piece of gym equipment, which is great for body sculpting exercises and other body building exercises like lunges, chest presses, triceps extensions, etc. Fitness mat can also be used for leg exercises, but is mainly used for upper body exercises. It offers the much required support, comfort, traction and safety while working out or doing any body sculpting exercises at home. Most of the gyms provide you with some fitness mat, which is a compulsory item in every home gym equipments.

Simple and effective home gym equipments are the rowing machine and cross trainers. Rowing machine is a great workout tool for all the arm, shoulder, leg and back muscles. It offers a complete workout and a one time investment. Moreover, the rowing machine is the best option for a person who does not have enough time for a long and drawn-out exercise. Cross trainer is another piece of gym equipment, which offers great cardio fitness as well as burning more fat calories in the body.

In terms of resistance, strength training and muscle toning, dumbbells and barbells are very effective and safe options. Dumbbells offer a full body workout, which is ideal for a body sculpting program. Similarly, barbells and weight packs are a great workout and burn down fats and calories.

Gym equipment can enhance your physical fitness, but you need to ensure that you do not over use it, else you may hurt yourself while working out. If you are new to home gym equipments, then consult your doctor for proper guidance on the use of fitness equipment. Make sure that you keep the equipment away from children while working out and when you feel tired, then you should stop. Also, do not overuse your equipment as it may cause injury to your body muscles.

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