Can Prostate Milking Really Prevent Prostate Cancer?

The increasing number of prostate cancer has encouraged number of studies from different countries. Each country would like to figure out what is the root of this horrifying trend. Deficiency in a certain nutrient or excessive ingestion of a mineral has been found to affect prostate’s health. There is another issue that is not clear in public until now. This factor that the medical field would like to zoom into is the role of prostate milking in preventing the prostate cancer.

Certain problems in prostate can actually be signs of prostate cancer. An enlarged prostate is the usual symptom that tells if the gland is sick. One way to prevent the largeness is to do a prostate massage. This sensual yet gentle stimulation can lead to a pleasurable feeling that is better than the normal orgasm. I can attest to that. Moreover, the massage can free the prostate from developing a cancer in the future.

Let’s head straight to the “why?” or what made prostate milking a preventive practice that fights off the painful cancer? When you massage this part of your reproductive system, you also stimulate the blood low within its veins. As an effect, your prostate is oxygenized. Also, this is a great way to cleanse the insides of the gland, and push out the bacteria that are accumulated inside. These bacteria maybe the culprit could start the development of cancer within your prostate. Therefore, the best combination to keep a healthy prostate is with proper diet and lifestyle, hand-in-hand with regular prostate massage.

From the researches I have read, there are only two options available if we disregard prostate massage as a preventive measure or even a treatment for some prostate diseases. The first one is though drug intake and the last one is surgery. These two have side effects that would make life difficult for the patient. If we have it compared with the massage, the sensual touching of the prostate would definitely win, and as it only have positive effects. It is prostate protocol reviews all good unless, you weren’t observing the proper way to massage the gland.

You have to learn and practice the massage by yourself or with a help of a toy. You may also do it with your lover. The toy that I am talking about is a prostate massager. This is a tool that is usually made of silicone. Yielded and engineered in a way that would please you and improve the health of your prostate. Again, proper preparation is needed. So, wash your whole body, trim your nails, use some lubricants, and be relaxed. These are some of the most important procedures you have to do, prior to this technique.

Also, during the course of the massage, you may feel like you are about to urinate. There is nothing to be afraid of as this is just normal. Allow yourself to enjoy the feeling, and let the sensations linger throughout your body. After a few moments, you will feel that you are about to orgasm. The experience is very much similar to your usual release but this one is way luxurious. In fact, some men claim that is our version of multiple orgasms.

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